Travel Mercies

The Sea Bright United Methodist Church has a fairly unique service where Parishioners are invited to express their need for a prayer of need, gratitude etc. on the behalf of themselves, or for others.

A common prayer is for Travel Mercies.

Over the past 2 weeks, I was the direct beneficiary of Travel Mercies from God. I'm presently working on an Information Technology Procurement project for a company in Montvale, NJ. Every day, I have to travel 70 miles each way, with a commute about 75-90 minutes in the early morning, and up to 2 hours in the evening.

Flying to Michigan Nov 17.

I'd mentioned to Frieda that I'd be traveling, and she cheerfully and unequivocally stated in very definite terms that George would pray for Travel Mercies on my behalf during Tuesday Bible Study. That really comforted me tremendously. 

I was booked on a flight leaving out of Newark, and I just pulled into long-term parking and turned the car off. I checked my iPhone, and found an email from US Airways informing me that the flight was cancelled. The travel agency said there were no flights available that day. But I had to be in Farmington Hills, a suburb of Detroit, for meetings on Tuesday & Wednesday.

I was able to get a flight leaving out of Philadelphia 3 hours later, and I drove from Newark to Phillie in torrential rain for an hour and a half, with flashers on for half the way. I made it safely, caught my flight and was able to attend the meetings. Of course, that was the time when the snow storm hit, crippling Buffalo. There were at least 4 other situations during that trip where I know God intervened on my behalf, acting through friends and well-wishers!

Thanksgiving Eve, 2014

I had to be in Montvale for a meeting at 9:30 on Wednesday Nov 26. I'd originally planned to work from home, given the pre-holiday rush, and the impending storm. On Tuesday, my boss, who was on vacation, said he wanted to meet with me on Wednesday at 9:30am.

So I left Sea Bright at 5:15am instead of my usual 6am, and drove into what was a rainstorm by the time I reached Montvale in my very trusty 1999 rear-wheel drive station wagon with 246,000 wonderful miles (Thank you, Good Lord, for all the times she took care of me, protected me during accidents whilst damaging herself, and brought me safely home!)

at 9:30, I was looking out the conference room windows and watching the snowstorm. My boss was on the phone, unable to leave his town because of piled snow. He apologized for my having to drive 70 miles into a snow storm, and his case of not showing up 🙂

At 10:45, we finished the call, and I started to head back with thick, wet flurries. The car already had about an inch of wet, slurry snow and ice. I distinctly recall praying for Travel Mercies. I was honestly not even sure if my car nor I would even survive the trip back! But as I prayed, a sense of warm comfort and the sense that I was in God's Hands, at His Mercy, emboldened me.

I don't recall exactly how long the trip from Exit 172 on the GSP, back to Exit 117, took. I recall driving with light traffic that made the lanes passable. The snow was very consistent until I reached the Driscoll bridge, where it was slick, and then the snow turned into rain, as the Linda Hopkins' song goes.

God and my car brought me home without any incident.

Wishing/Praying for Travel Mercies

After I returned to 'Safe' territory (which amazingly happens once you get off Exit 117!), I stopped by FoodTown in Atlantic Highlands for some wonderful chicken soup. I said Happy Thanksgiving and Travel Mercies to the lady at checkout. By the surprised look in her eyes, I knew that she knew what I meant.

It's almost like a secret handshake, or a code word.


This Thanksgiving Day,

I'm thankful

for all of God's Travel Mercies. 

Northern Shore Cluster Choir invites you to a Cantata

Image of the Northern Shore Cluster Choir at the Matawan UMC on Nov 30.

A beautiful rendition of the True Christmas Story!
A fitting way to respect the Birth of Jesus and those who give Him their everything.
Heart-warming, a gift of love from the Choir. You can sing along!
Bring loved ones, kids, friends.

"I hear the Prophet callin'"

On the following dates:

November 30 - 3:30pm

Matawan United Methodist Church

478 Atlantic Ave (corner of Church Street)

Matawan, NJ

December 7 - 3:30pm

Lutheran Church of Reformation

Broadway & Locust Ave

West Long Branch

I have a lot of video snippets, but need to explore options to show them on this site. Stay tuned.

Choir from Jersey Shore Churches

  • Ardena Baptist, Howell
  • Asbury UMC, Long Branch
  • First United Methodist, Keansburg
  • Gethsemane Lutheran, Keyport
  • Lutheran Church of the Reformation, West Long Branch
  • Matawan United Methodist, Aberdeen
  • Oceanport United Methodist, Oceanport
  • Old First United Methodist, West Long Branch
  • Sea Bright UMC, Sea Bright
  • St. Luke's United Methodist, Long Branch


Alets Burley

Lois Keevil

Jennifer Long

Carol Mawby

Jane Morehouse

Millie Schlosser

Fran Spigelmyer

Billie Ann Terry

Michele Williams


Joseph Cancel

Bud McIlvaine

Burke Mawby


Eddie Jensen

Brenda Jolley

Marcia B. Thompson

Joy Tomaino


Maynard Burley

George Finegan

Edward Terry

Richard Tupy

All Saints’ Memorial Church

Dec 5, 6, 7

 The Stone Church Players will be depicting

 a classic Christmas story -

 'It's a Wonderful Life'

 Performance dates Dec 5, 6 & 7.

 Call 732.226.6131 for tickets

Stella Maris Retreat Center

Monday December 7, 2014

 Stella Maris Retreat Center will present


 An Advent Evening of Prayer and Song

as we prepare our hearts

to welcome the Prince of Peace!

 Call 732.229.0602 to register.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving with an Attitude of Gratitude

"An attitude of gratitude" – that's what we seek to instill in ourselves and in our family members. Thanksgiving lends itself to helping us name the many ways we are blessed.

This link has suggestions that enable our families to focus not just on the food of the day, but on true gratefulness for the many blessings experienced by our families.

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carvers

Pumpkin Carving

For 2014, five Sea Bright teens carved words associated with Jesus Christ into their pumpkins.