Prayer Requests: May 24, 2015

Pastor Michael: Prayers for those who gave their lives for the freedom we have. Enjoy time with family and pray for those that are serving now and also for all those in authority that they may have wisdom. Prayers for the families left behind. Travel mercies for Michael and his wife Lisa – coming home. Prayers for George & Frieda that they may soon be in their home, and for this town. Healing mercies for Ralph Clauer, and for his wife, Joanne. Prayers for the Shapiros. Prayers for peace that surpassing understanding. Prayers for those in the world that are being persecuted for their faith. Father hear all of the prayers we put forth today. Answer them Lord. Give us the patience to wait for your answers.

George: Prayers for all the service people, especially those that gave their lives.

Austin: Prayers for Jeremey and his family – comfort and peace on the loss of his Dad.

Brother-In-Christ: Prayers for the mothers who receive news that their son will not be coming home.

Sharon: Prayers of thanks for all my blessings.

Richard: Prayers for my Uncle John, who gave his life to save others, and for all of the military members and their families. Prayers for the Ukraine – and all those being persecuted for their faith. Prayers for travel mercies for my sister, Virginia and her husband Greg as they travel through Europe.

Sissie: Prayers for my brother, Tim and for my Dad. Prayers for me for discernment.

Marie: Prayers for healing mercies for my Mom. Prayers for my grandson, Tyler, may he be brought back into our lives soon.

Sue: Thanks and praise for all my blessings and especially for the Holy Spirit for wisdom. Thanks for being born in this country. Prayers for my two sons and my grandson in active duty and for my uncles.

Joe: Prayers for my father and my siblings. Prayers for patience and strength, and hope and faith.

 Pat: Prayers for a safe weekend – travel mercies.

Tom: Unspoken prayers.

Tony: Prayers of thanks.

Fran: Prayers for peace. Travel mercies for a friend who is going to France to go hot air ballooning – 102 years young.