Feed the Hungry

Feed the hungry

The times are rough:

  • Hurricane Sandy had dealt a tremendous blow to the fragile economy of the Jersey Shore, which had been already hurting from high unemployment.
  • The loss of many local businesses meant that workers already at risk found themselves out of a job, out of resources and tragically helpless.
  • Many on the Jersey Shore lost everything that they had - furniture, clothes, utensils, equipment - the list is endless.
  • They've had to start all over from scratch.

As a result, a lot of people are in need.

The Sea Bright United Methodist Church strives to feed the hungry in our town.

  • Local residents in need discreetly receive food without any public fanfare, red-tape or questions. You can help by donating non-perishable food.
  • Sea Bright has a feral cat population that keeps the rodents in check. Cats are trapped, spayed/neutered and returned to their colonies. The church collects donated cat food, and parishioners run 3 feeding stations.

How to help

  • Please donate food, for humans as well as cats (and dogs, since some of the needy have pets).
  • People tend to focus on donating food during the holidays. For that we're all very thankful.
  • But please remember that folks have to eat during the rest of the year.