Lenten Devotion 2nd Sunday

Weekly Family Prayer 2nd Week of Lent

Covenant God, Sometimes, when we can’t see, touch, or hear you, we wonder, “Are you really there?” Then we remember the many ways you have shown us your love and we see the many things that reveal your creative presence in our lives. We feel the love in a hug from our mom, dad, or friend; and we know that this is what your love must feel like. We see the stars shining in the sky above or watch the sunrise, and we are amazed by your beautiful work that makes these things possible.Lord, during this week of our Lenten journey, help us find ways to remember that you are with us. We know that this is big work. Help us practice remembering as we get ready for the mystery of Easter. During this season, help us learn how to trust you, love you, and share your love with others. Lord, thank you for being with our family as we travel together, preparing our hearts and minds to enter into the mystery of Easter. Bless us in our work. It’s in your holy name, we pray. Amen..

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